Years 3 and 4

 Story based learning, with a more 'grown up' feel. Unusual characters, who take their learning to the next level.


  • The Rhythmajig World is under threat from the evil Sforzando, who wants to take control of all music.
  •  Zoom off into outer space, to the planets of the Sound System to try to defeat him, whilst furthering their musical knowledge.
  •  Reading notation, understanding musical terminology,instrumental work, singing, composing and creating.

Years 5 and 6

Now moving away from story based learning, but building upon all skills from previous units of work.

  •   Children visit OcaRock City.
  •  Using entrepreneurial skills, they strive to restore the derelict city to its former glory, through music.
  • Enhanced listening skills.
  • Increased understanding of notation, musical theory, playing and singing skills and musical awareness.
  • Learning about music from other cultures, styles, and eras.